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Start | Outnic Meals | Sunny Omelet

Sunny Omelet

2 servings

This is how you do it

Slice the scallions, chop garlic and herbs. Put aside, preferably in a bowl from
your MealKit. Melt the butter in a pan over low heat. Add the garlic and half of
the scallions and fry gently.

Crack the eggs in a bowl and beat well with a Spork. Increase the heat on your
pan. Pour the eggs into the pan and move the pan around to spread the eggs
evenly. Make small traces in your omelet allowing the uncooked eggs to reach
the hot pan. Lower the heat and sprinkel the remaining scallions on top. Add the
smoked fish shaped into roses and sprinkle dandelions divided into pieces.
Season with salt, if necessary.


  • Use the leaves from the dandelion if you like the taste.
  • Bring the basic ingredients and complete with tasty ingredients on your way:
    smoked fish, veggies from the local farm...

5 eggs
2-3 scallions
2 cloves of garlic or a handful of ramson
200 g cold smoked salmon
1-2 handful of ground-elder
5-6 dandelion flowers
20 g butter