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Start | Outnic Meals | Fire smoked Reindeer loin

Fire smoked Reindeer loin

2 servings

Mix your crust powders inside a Light My Fire StackBowl Bio and cap with a StackLid Bio. When your fire is hot, place the sweet potato at the edge and cooked until soft, turning occasionally. Don’t worry if the skin chars, it will be pealed off easily later. When the sweet potato is cooked, move to the edge of the fire to cool slightly. Cut your reindeer loin in two and place inside your Light My Fire Grandpa’s FireGrill Or, if using a pointed bell pepper - place inside your Light My Fire Grandpa’s FireGrill Smoke over the fire for 1-2 minutes each side (depending on the heat of the fire and distance from the flames) Remove from the Light My Fire Grandpa’s FireGrill. For the Reindeer loin - place inside the Light My Fire StackBowl Bio, and cover well with the crust mix. Slice each piece in two.


To serve:

  • Break off the charred Sweet Potato crust, split in two and spoon into your StackBowl Bios.
  • Add your smoked reindeer loin or sweet bell pepper and cottage cheese.


Dig In!


150 g fresh reindeer loin
1 large sweet pointed red bell pepper
1 medium-large sweet potato (you can part bake in advance to speed up cooking on the fire)
2 tbsp cottage cheese. (can be replaced with Hummus for vegans) Sea salt flakes

For the crust (Each 1 heaped tsp):

Freeze dried raspberry powder
Sea salt flakes
Cracked black pepper